About Blue Ridge Extractions

About Us

Blue Ridge Extractions (BRE) is a Veteran owned family ran company. Our focus is on extracting CBD oil and concentrates from industrial hemp.  Our objective is to produce the highest quality, industrial hemp based cannabidiol (CBD) oils, distillates, and isolates available on the market. In turn, we are able to do this consistently and at a competitive price.  All our retail products are made in house with oil produced by us, all from industrial hemp that was grown locally on family farms.  We look forward to sharing with you our craft and our quality!

Our Story & How We Started

Here at BRE, it was not just about two veteran brothers and a wife taking advantage of the hype that came with the legalization of Cannabis (hemp). It was about healing and helping others. In the beginning of this green rush, the cannabis business was like the wild west. Having friends in the industry, we heard about all the horror stories of the unregulated oils being used. Having heard of the lack of safety protocols and potentially harmful methods of extraction being used to produce low quality oil, we felt the urge to step in.  Mark and Jordan (CEO’s) have had a knack for cannabis their entire lives. Thus, after both spending a lifetime mastering their crafts as Aviation mechanics, which has some of the most stringent quality control programs to be adhered to, they both understood that they had the knowledge as well as the wits to shake the industry up. 
Our plan, originally, was to solely be an extraction company. This was so we could provide other retail companies with top tier CBD oils to use in their products, giving their customers something truly unique.  Not long after the first 6 months of business, Borouj (Jordan’s wife) was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. After dealing with war injuries for years on top of having a lifetime supply of Ibuprofen from the VA, Jordan began to research and develop his own products from the oils we had produced.  He made a custom terpene blend for his loving wife Borouj to combat her illness, and one for himself in an attempt to alleviate his constant battle with inflammation and pain. What happened in the following days would change our lives forever!
For the first time since Borouj’s diagnosis, she was seeing a definitive reduction in her daily symptoms. She then started to feel healthier and more energetic than she had for quite some time.  Jordan, seeing the fruition of his work, decided one day he no longer needed his morning dose of Ibuprofen.  Our quality of life has drastically improved. Since we originally got into this business with the passion of helping others, we understood our mission.  Immediately we began planning how to pivot. We then took our company from selling wholesale CBD extracts, to using our premium CBD oils to produce the highest-grade retail CBD products on the market.  Just like that, Blue Ridge Extractions was born!
Today, we are proud Cannabis users who are tireless in our effort to be the top manufacturer of CBD products in this country. We are happily dedicating our lives and aspire to provide you with the same comfort and quality of life we ourselves enjoy living!



“From earth to body”. Our mission is to be an industry leader in extracting and refining CBD oils. As a result, we formulate and produce top tier CBD products for everyday use.  We pride ourselves by setting the bar in terms of industry safety standards. All while using the latest cutting-edge technology for our extraction equipment and methods. Our ultimate goal of delivering a high-quality premium product to our customers on time, every time.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of the continuous research and development of hemp-based products. All while leading the industry in safety and purity standards. In turn, we meet the ever-growing customer demands for organic solutions to common day health challenges.


What Drives Us!

To deliver all natural, high-quality hemp-based products to the market. And provide an alternative to current, potentially addictive pharmaceutical solutions that treat human discomfort and ailments.  

We would love to work with you!