Blue Ridge Extractions is veteran owned and operated. Being a company comprised of veterans, we are honored to take care of those who serve in the US armed forces- past, present, and future.
We are offering a 25% discount storewide to all active duty personnel and veterans.
How Do I Get My Military Discount Code?
1- Click Here
2- Create an account on VerifyPass
3- Follow the instructions and upload a document of choice to verify your identity
4- Receive your code!
You should receive an email shortly after your submission, in the rare event your code isn’t working, contact us for assistance.
NOTE: Codes are unique and valid for one purchase only. Coupons are limited to 1 per customer per 24 hours. For future purchases, you will need a fresh code from VerifyPass. You will Not need to prove your identity again. 


Thank You For Your Service!