Blue Ridge Extractions gives clients affordable pricing for all your industrial hemp extraction needs. We strive to provide the highest, cleanest, and safest standards in the industry.  Having gone to great lengths to hone our craft, we stand by our methods and formulas in CBD extraction. We guarantee the purest products returned back to you.

BRE utilizes an ethanol extraction technique along with the latest falling-film technology, short-path distillation, and a proprietary isolation procedure. Whether you’re looking for hemp ‘crude’ oil (RSO), high quality distillate, or pure CBD isolate, our strict quality control program ensures the product you receive from us is exactly what you asked for!

Co-op Oil Split Program:

For BRE’s CBD extractions, our Co-op split program is a way for farmers to guarantee a return on their hemp with zero cost up front cost.  Whether you are looking to make your own CBD products or market instability has made selling you biomass difficult. Bring your biomass to the experts! We run your material in our lab and take a percentage of the oil produced (as always with the lion’s share going back to the farmer).  Raw hemp left in plant form can degrade over time, while the shelf life of CBD oil can outlast the longest periods of market saturation.

Every split percentage is calculated differently based on the amount and quality of the biomass. Reach out to us here  or give us a call if this sounds like the plan for you!

CBD Extractions Services Price List:

Full Spectrum Crude Oil:  $10 per lb of plant material 

Full Spectrum Winterized Crude Oil:   – $100 per finished liter

Distillate: – $1 for every finished gram

Isolate: – $1 for every finished gram

Note:  Prices are negotiable for the quantities of biomass exceeding 1000 lbs – or – distillate or isolate output of more than 5 kilos – or – contracts for continuous runs.

For more information on CBD extraction, contact or visit us at the location below:
Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm