Delta-8 THC vape cartridges have been the talk of the town in the world of THC recently. Why? Because they give a similar effect of the famous delta-9 THC in a convenient, irresistible, easy to manage way. Our 1ml Delta-8 THC vape cartridge gives an unbeatable uplifting feeling with a calming energy and features over 900mg of hemp-derived Delta-8 THC oil (at 95.9% purity) from USA grown hemp.
We have 12 different strains of Sativa/Indica/Hybrid to suite all your moods and give you an upbeat and functional buzz that you will love. Elevating your mood is now as quick as reaching your hands in your pocket, no more lighters, papers, grinders, or smokey houses. Have a D8 THC vape at the tip of your fingers ready to smoke whenever you are!
IMPORTANT NOTE: We apologize for no longer being able to ship this product due to PACT act for shipping vape items. Contact us to find our vendors in your area
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Gelato #33 (Hybrid Happy), Cranberry Kush (Indica Relax), Grape Ape (Indica Relax), Gorilla Glue #4 (Hybrid Happy), Sundae Driver (Hybrid Happy), Golden Pineapple (Hybrid Happy), Blue Dream (Sativa Uplift), Muai Wuai (Sativa Uplift), Mendo Breath (Indica Relax), Sour Diesel (Sativa Uplift), Durban Poison (Sativa Uplift), Northern Lights (Indica Relax)